About Whatnot Press and Productions:


The 'Dog Walk at Daybreak' video and the 'Dog Hike in the Afternoon' video represent the launch of Whatnot Press and Productions. At the Whatnot Press and Productions website we hope to feature nature-centric creative projects and initiatives that celebrate all that is wonderful in our beautiful world … things like, love and truth and empathy and equity and humour and community and critters.  Ultimately the tanka showcased in these two videos will be included with other tanka pieces in the book:  'Love of a Dog:  A Tanka Celebration of Life Lived … with a Dog."


The website come about as a result of several conversations – over a period of years – between members of the Bourke family. Wendy had been posting prose, poetry and photographs (with many of the photos and technical expertise contributed by family members) to her blog – Words and Words and Whatnot – for almost a decade. Patrick (as well as other members of the family) was involved in several creative and grassroots community efforts. And, at some point, it dawned on us, that it would probably be more effective if we gathered all our little 'bits-and-pieces' into one place (or, at least, provided links). People everywhere are doing their part – big and small – to respect and celebrate our planet. This is what we have chosen to do.


The seed for Whatnot Press and Publications was planted many years ago when an out-of-town friend, who was recovering from a hospital stay, mentioned how much they were enjoying reading my poetry. The poems, as she put it, were authentic, positive and “just the right size”. That got me thinking about all the wonderful qualities poetry and, for that matter, nature photography and videos have, that are so restorative during a period of treatment and convalescence – or really, any time one could use a break.


The worldwide CO-VID 19 pandemic was the catalyst.  Voluntarily isolating from home, we needed a 'good-place' to go to, as we navigated our way through profoundly troubling waters ... and, there it was ... the idea we had kicked around for so many years: Whatnot Press and Productions.


Thank you, so much, for visiting our website. Peace and Hope - Wendy and Patrick Bourke

About the Writer:


Wendy Bourke lives in Vancouver, Canada where she writes, hangs out with family and friends and goes on long rambling walks gathering inspiration and photographs.  Her prose and poetry have appeared in over 100 poetry anthologies and journals such as:  Firefly Magazine, poetic diversity: the litzine of los angeles, riverbabble, Star 82 Review and StepAway Magazine. Her tanka had been published in many magazines, journals and anthologies such as: Ribbons, Moonbathing: A Journal of Women's Tanka, Skylark, Atlas Poetica: A Journal of World Tanka, A Hundred Gourds, American Tanka and others. 


About the Producer:  

Patrick Bourke has a background in broadcasting, community outreach and initiatives.  He works in a field of student services, at the post secondary level, that seeks to address and resolve a spectrum of student issues by putting measures in place that expedite successful - and positive - outcomes.  He enjoys taking photos and short videos, while out walking with his dog, Jackson, and editing film into short productions, with various creative software.